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Fixed Pricing with ADit Deals

ADit Deals helps you know the true cost of the deal you are running by providing you with a fixed price. Any money made from your sales, you get to keep, and it's that simple. With a fixed price, you can calculate the effect your ADit Deal will have on your business. Because WooEB doesn't take a share of the money, you can offer your customers even deeper discounts while making more money.

Transactions take place between you and your customers. Unlike some sites that hold your money for up to 90 days after you run your deal, sale from your ADit Deal goes directly to your merchant services provider. WooEB doesn't touch your money.

For the one, fixed price, you get a range of tools to go along with your ADit Deal. These tools help you reach out to potential customers through organic search results, social networking, and email.

What You Receive with Your ADit Deals Campaign:

  • A Press Release – write a press release to let customers know your deal is being posted. Include important information about your deal and the product or service you are offering. We will distribute the press release you write through our network.
  • 200 Buzz Signal Promotions - Your press release is posted to our Buzz Signal network. This puts 200 links to your release on social networking and bookmarking sites where people can interact with it. These interactions include Likes on Facebook, Retweets on Twitter, Upvotes on Reddit, and more. Your ADit Deal comes with 200 Buzz Signal promotions!
  • 5 Days of Advertising – Your ADit Deal runs for up to five days! During this time we run ads on our site to drive traffic, and customers, to your deal.


We Build Your Buzz on Social Platforms

In addition to distributing your press release about your ADit Deal, we give you 200 Buzz Signal promotions, providing your deal an initial push and helping it go viral. Read more about Buzz Signal

You can also share your press release about your deal to the Right Now tab in your WooEB Hub to index in more places and drive traffic to your deal. WooEB makes sharing to your social networking pages easy too. With one click you can post your story or your deal to Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress , Google+, and more quickly and easily.


Reach New Customers - Increase Sales

Running your ADit Deal is doing more than sending an email to people who put their names on a list. There are many ways you can reach out and present customers with your special. You can write and distribute a press release before your deal starts. This lets more people know about your deal and increases the exposure your deal receives. The people who read your release can then tell their friends, family, and other people who will be interested in the deal. Reach people who haven't signed up to receive deals in their email through organic search results and social networking.

Running an ADit Deal increases the chances of your deal being seen. The more places your deal shows up online (with a press release, on the ADit Deals page, on social networks, etc.) the more chances you have of a customer finding the deal and buying your product or service. Don't limit yourself to email lists, put your business in front of new customers, increase your exposure, and make more sales.


You Get a Hub

When you submit your first ADit Deal you get a WooEB Hub. Your Hub is where you can post all of the information about your business or yourself that you want people to see. You can post press releases, blogs, pictures, videos, Right Now status updates and more. Use these content areas to interact with your customers and keep them up to date about your business and the goods or services you provide.

Using your Hub to post information helps your content index better in search engines. You will draw additional traffic to your content so that more people will be able to find out about your business. The content you can post is not limited to your ADit Deal. Use your Hub to post any information that you think people should know about your business, your products or services, and how they can get in touch with you.



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